Thursday, May 19, 2011

Final Assignment!

During this final semester one of the things that has been really helpful for me is when the professor gave me feedback on my essays. That really help me grow in writing and grammar skills because she told me the mistakes that I had in my essays. One of the thing that I will continue to do in the next semesters, is that I will do my best in every essay that I do in my classes. Finally, the last thing that I will do is that I will going get more help from the teachers and other people.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break!!

During the time of spring break my family and I called the holly week. The holly week means a lot to us because during the we don't eat any kind of meat, but the only type of meat that we can eat is chicken. Yes, the holly week has religious significance to me and to my family in the way that is when god rebirth again. Yes, we still practice this traditions in here because that's when we miss more all the members of my family that are not here with us. Also, is because my parents taught us to keep our traditions especially in a place where we are away from family.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Middle East

     In my opinion, some of the most important events are how the people from the Middle East wants to have freedom. That's the reason why many people in there are revolutionizing against the government. Those protest are the one that are causing the chaos in the Middle East. Also, another of the major change that is occurring right now is the increase of the Gasoline in here in the United States. In opinion there are some of the important events that are happening in the Middle East.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Change of Weather

During the change of this weather I haven't been really affected for this weather just in the morning. In morning is the time when I have to get up early to take the bus in order to get to CaƱada, that's the time when I get affected by the weather. Well sometimes I am not really in the mood to get up in the morning or sometimes to do something else because I don't like when it rains because there is nothing to do.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Admired People

One persons that I admire is Frida Kahlo. She is a greatest Mexican Artist. I admire Frida because she had great qualities of leadership even though all obstacles that she had on her life she always fought for that things that she really wanted. Also, because she was influenced by people who was around her. Another reason is because she express her political beliefs by painting it was like her own way of describing the situation in Mexico city.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chinese New Year Animals

     Based on my research my zodiac animal is the monkey because I was born in 1992 in that was the year of the Monkey. Some of the important personality traits about the money is that is very charming charismatic and extremely inventive. Monkey people are the most noted for their intelligence and clever genius in working out difficult problems for themselves and others. In my opinion, I think I have some similar characteristics to the monkey zodiac because I feel that most of the the characteristics of the monkey describes myself, but also some others things I don't feel connect it  with. Well, Yes I do find reading these characteristics really helpful because, I found new characteristics about myself that I never thought that I had them. That's why I found it really interesting & helpful for me.